Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Founded ‘Fascism Together’ At His Posh Prep School

Once again the Daily Mail’s online edition defies the paper’s image and comes up with a story that will infuriate conservatives and delight everyone else. It seems Trump’s new man…

Source: Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Founded ‘Fascism Together’ At His Posh Prep School

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Bickfords Big Apple Pancake

Crazy Delicious

If you’re from New England or at least Massachusetts you’ve probably been to Bickford’s at least once in your life for their breakfast all day and no trip to Bickford’s is complete without a Big (or more likely Baby) Apple a la mode! On their website they describe it simply “Our specialty. It takes a little longer, but is worth it!” I think that pretty much says it all.

I don’t like standard pancakes but, give me crepes or a Bickford’s Big Apple (German Pancake) and I am a happy girl! Basically the Big Apple is a thick pancake covered with cinnamon sugar apples and it’s just divine!  Top it with your favorite vanilla ice cream and you have the best bad for you breakfast EVER!

I found this recipe online and half way through cooking it I realized it needed more brown sugar sprinkled on top so I added…

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Did Gardai (And RUC) Cover-Up Ludlow Slaying To Protect A British Agent In Loyalist Killer Gang?

The High Court in Dublin this week has been the scene of what may be a last-ditch attempt by the family of 47-year-old Co Louth forestry worker Seamus Ludlow to discover why Garda detectives sudden…

Source: Did Gardai (And RUC) Cover-Up Ludlow Slaying To Protect A British Agent In Loyalist Killer Gang?

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Christmas Begins and Ends With a Child

Finer Femininity

4f83ca486d52c09e50a6309219889243By Rev DANIEL A. LORD S.J.

Beyond all else Christmas means children.

And beyond all children Christmas means especially one Child.

Even the sad pagans of a modern day, who have rudely excluded that Divine Child from Christmas, have, because of Him, kept the day sacred to children.

Where the Christ Child is loved for Himself and is seen in the little children, who are beautifully like Him, Christmas is the day, beyond all other days, when love moves over the earth with lighted tapers, and the virtues of childhood make young once more a weary, aging humanity.

Even where the Christ Child is forgotten or ignored, His little ones for a single day waken in human hearts a new tenderness and unselfish affection. And the innocence of childhood, its unquenchable faith in the goodness of others, curve into smiles even the cynical lips that have drunk deep of sin…

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Spirit and Life radio podcast coming in January 2017

Spirit and Life is the name of Veritas Christi’s sermon ministry. Dr Marno Retief will be commencing an expository sermon series in January 2017, starting from the Book of Genesis. Each sermo…

Source: Spirit and Life radio podcast coming in January 2017

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Stained Glass window glossary

The History Jar

This is me going off on a tangent before writing up a post on Worcester Cathedral.  I’ve spent quite a lot of the past few weeks staring at stained glass one way or another, though not taken many photographs of whole windows because I can’t do them justice.  Aside from a crick in my neck, time spent waiting for the sun to come out and a fascination with Thomas Denny windows  I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary.  This is by way of a glossary for future reference.

Cartoon -A full scale drawing of each panel of glass or light. The cartoon follows on from the vidimus.

Catherine window – another name for a rose window or wheel window because of its symmetrical pattern, containing tracery that makes the ‘rose’. They are usually Gothic in origin and must contain the radiating wheel spokes to be Catherine, wheel or rose windows depending…

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August 31, 2016 · 2:29 pm

David Avocado Wolfe Sells a Carcinogen (#DontCryWolfe)

I dropped him long ago. fake ‘guru’

Bad Science Debunked

David Wolfe sells a carcinogen Rare photo of David Avocado Wolfe auditioning for the movie “Cocktail”. David is juggling a bottle of his Longevity drops, which contain alcohol that he links to cancer.

David Wolfe is selling longevity drops!1  Golly gee whiz!  This is exciting news!

Until we got bogged down in the drudgery of this never-ending presidential campaign here in the United States, where watching the news conjures up thoughts of sticking my tongue into a 120 volt electrical outlet, I had always hoped to live forever.  I wanted to live long enough to see humans travel to the stars.  I secretly thought I’d persevere and see the Chicago Cubs win a World Series.  I’m embarrassed about never buying life insurance and didn’t want to be confronted with the consequences of that mistake by actually dying.

So there I was, credit card in hand over on Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse web site, ready…

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